Vintage racing. 

Linda Ruth Dickinson - Deliver (2013)
The Abandoned Mill in Sorrento, Italy.

Robin Thicke looks like that semi-wealthy guy who lives on the end of ur street and always asks u how school’s going and if ur sister is 18 yet

here’s to another year of how the fuck are you making gifs it’s airing rigHT NOW

C1 House by Gwenael Nicolas – Curiosity + Tomoyuki Ustumi – Milligram Studio In Tokyo, Japan.
Project: HafenCity University Subway Station, Hamburg, Germany.
Architect: Raupach Architekten.
Naoi Architecture & Design Office: Doughnut House.
Japanese Bed.
Architects: Fabrica 718.Location: New York City, NY, USA.
Fire Pit Project by Chris Tate Architecture.